Arabian Rice Recipe


Why recepie famous for?


3-4 TBSP cooking oil,
8-10 Black peppers,
5-6 cloves,
1 & ½ cup soaked rice,
7-8 Raisins,
1 TSP Hot spices powder,
Salt (As needed),
1 TSP chicken powder,
2 cup water.
3-4 Green Chilies (Chopped),,
1 TSP yellow food color,
Ingredients for Fiery Fingers:,
Cooking oil (As needed for frying),
400 gm K&N’s Fiery Fingers,
Ingredients for sauce:,
¼ Cup Chili Sauce,
½ Cup Tomato ketchup,
½ Chili Garlic sauce,


Instructions for Arabian rice:

1. First of all, add cooking oil in a pan, then add black peppers, cloves & fry for a while
2. Now add soaked rice, mix well, then add raisins, hot spices powder, salt, chicken powder, & cook for a while
3. Add water, & cook until 3/4th done
4. Put Green Chilies, & yellow food color in these cooked rice
5. simmer until fully done
6. Add these cooked rice into bowl
7. Put fried K&N’s Fiery Fingers on these rice
8. Spread the sauce & serve
9. Arabian rice are ready
Instructions for Fiery Fingers:
1. Add Cooking oil in pan
2. Put K&N’s fiery fingers into the bowl
3. Now add these fiery fingers into oil & fry until they changed into golden brown
Instructions for Sauce:
1. Add Chili sauce, tomato ketchup, chili garlic sauce in a bowl & mix well
2. Sauce is ready

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