Railway Mutton Curry


Why recepie famous for?


200 Gram Mutton,
100 gram Tomato,
100 gram Onion,
Yogurt (plain),
Refine oil,
2 Whole cumin,
1 Bay leaf,
1 Cardamom seeds,
2 Black cardamom,
to taste Black pepper,
to taste Salt,
Magic spice (blend of all spices),
to taste Green chillies,
A pinch of Turmeric,
Ginger and garlic paste,
1 Coriander leaf,


How to Make Railway Mutton Curry

1.Add oil to a pan and roast the ginger garlic paste with all dry spices and onions.
2.Add plain yogurt to the pan and fry till onions turn brown.
3.Add freshly cut tomatoes and cook items till they release their Rogan (the slight oil with water).
4.Add the mutton to the pan.
5.Throw in a splash of water and cook until tender.
6.Top up with coriander leaves and cover with a lid to infuse the coriander aroma in your Railways mutton curry.
7.Enjoy with freshly steamed Rice.

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