Dahi ke Kabab


Why recepie famous for?

Dahi kebabs or Dahi ke kebab are a popular vegetarian snack option to prepare on special occasions or festivals. Made with spiced yogurt mixed with besan. paneer and a host of spices, these simply melt in your mouth. Mostly made in North Indian homes, this kebab recipe is a popular option in many restaurant menus as well. Loved by many for their soft mouth melting interior texture while they are crisp from outside, dahi kebabs are quite rich in taste and makes for a perfect appetizer for a dinner party.


Cottage cheese 200 gm

Onion 1 tbsp chopped

Fried brown onion 2 tbsp

Red chili powder 1 tsp

Garam masala powder ¼ tsp

Salt ½ tsp or to taste

Green chili 1 (chopped)

Green coriander 2 tbsp (chopped)

Mint few leaves (chopped)

Hung curd 1 cup

Bread crumbs 1,2tbs

Cashew nut 2tbsp (ground)


Crumbs for coating


Grate cottage cheese put into mixing bowl with chopped onion, brown onion, red chili powder, garam masala powder, salt, green chili, coriander, chopped mint, hung curd, 2 tbsp bread crumbs and cashew nut; mix all ingredients.

Make flat patties/kababs coat into beaten egg and roll into bread crumbs.

Heat oil in a frying pan and fry.

Note: For hung curd take ½ kg yogurt in malmal cloth and hang into fridge let the water discard into a bowl.

Hung curd is read

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