khatti Daal


Why recepie famous for?

khatti Daal For Taste


Red lentil 500 g
Split green lentil 500 g
Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes (6x1kg) 4 g
Water 2 l
Garlic 30 g
Turmeric Powder 10 g
Red chili, powder 20 g
Garam masala, powder 20 g
Knorr Tomato Puree (12x900g) 150 g
Cream 60 ml
Knorr Lime Seasoning (24x400g) 10 g
Rafhan Corn Oil (1x16L) 130 ml
Garlic cloves, sliced 5 pc
Cumin seeds 5 g
Peppercorns, red 12 pc
Curry leaves fresh 12 pc


Wash and pre-soak both lentil verities for about 30 min.
Dissolve Knorr Chicken Stock Cube in water and simmer the lentils in this stock until cooked.
Add garlic, spices, Knorr Tomato Puree, cream and Knorr Lime Seasoning cook down slightly until thick and soup like.
Heat oil in a frying pan sauté garlic till aromatic then start adding cumin chilies and curry leaves till well fragrant.
Pour the tempered oil with all spices on to the cooked daal.
Serve hot with plain rice.

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